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Hard Surface/Concrete Cleaning

Sound Environmental Products manufactures a line of industrial strength, non-caustic, biodegradable, and oil consuming environmental cleaners for industrial and concrete cleaning.

Residual oil stains on concrete are common problems found in most areas where cars, trucks and machinery are located. Oil residues can cause numerous issues such as health and safety concerns for workers and the public, environment and storm water compliance, and just plain unsightly staining.

Typical areas where concrete cleaning is necessary are vehicle maintenance and fueling areas, service station pump islands, bulk oil storage facilities, parking areas, garages, sidewalks, shop floors, sumps, and secondary containment areas.

In most instances the layer of hydrocarbons coating the concrete is relatively thin. However, because concrete is porous, penetration into the concrete surface is likely to occur. Often this penetration of oil results in slippery surfaces even after cleaning with high-pressure water or simple soaps that only emulsify the oil at the surface.

Our products are the best choice for concrete cleaning. They consist of a cleaning solution with live, non-harmful bacteria that digest hydrocarbons. Our products lift and encapsulate the hydrocarbons making them readily bio-available to the microbes.

The microbial action then destroys the hydrocarbons. Digestion of the hydrocarbon begins at the moment of introduction of the cleaner and continues after the mixture has been rinsed off of the concrete. Repeated applications (mopping with Sound 3300 Oil Eliminator HD solution) help to impart a non-slip resistance to the concrete surface to protect against future spills similar to the way car wax beads water.


Concrete Cleaning with SEP3300 HD

Concrete Cleaning with SEP3300 HD

Application of our products is fast and easy. We use a standard chemical sprayer to apply Sound 3300 Oil Eliminator HD. Once the product has been applied for about 10 minutes, we lightly scrub the area with a stiff push broom. That is all the hard labor that is required. After Sound 3300 Oil Eliminator HD sits and is kept moist for an hour, then it is time to vacuum the residue. We use a shop vac with a gallon of sawdust in the bottom. The residue will soak into the sawdust and the microbes will continue to dissolve the oil rendering it disposable. All that is left on the floor is a clean, non-slippery surface. See the cleaning instructions.

Concrete Cleaning with SEP3300 HD


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