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Sound 1000 Remediator Sound 3300 Oil Eliminator HD

Our Microbial Products Eat The Oil!

Don't be fooled by detergent-based bilge and concrete clearers. Our products are far superior to biodegradable soaps that just move oil around.

They contain live, naturally-occurring bacteria that literally eat the oil!

Our products do not create instantaneous results like standard solvents. They work over time, using aeration and moisture to keep bacteria alive and propagating.

How Do Our Products Work?

Sound 1000 Remediator and Sound 3300 Oil Eliminator HD contain numerous strains of naturally-occurring, non-toxic, Class 1 organisms that have not been genetically altered. The bacteria have been specially selected to address a broad range of aliphatic (straight chain) and aromatic (cyclic) hydrocarbons. They are grown in highly concentrated form which greatly enhances the bio-remediation process and increases the surface area for microbial consumption.

A proprietary mix of nutrients allows the bacteria to survive in an extremely high concentration for extended periods of time, suspended in a non-detergent solution. When our products are introduced to oily water, oil-coated surfaces, or contaminated soil, they remove and digest the hydrocarbon contaminants, resulting in a clean, oil-free environment. They are non-toxic and safe for the environment.

How Our Products Work


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